Mamma Mia

Thanks to everyone who came out to the auditions!

Due to the abundance of talent we have decided to double cast this show in order to give everyone an opportunity to shine.   We plan to add two matinees which means each cast will perform three times over the two weekends. Both casts are equal and the “A” and “B” designations are just a way to identify each cast.

Cast A                                                              Cast B

Sky- Aaron Escoto                                          Nathan Fortmayer

Pepper- Kyle Helgans                                     Robert Martinez

Eddie- Elias Pontiff                                          Luis Sanchez


Sophie- Bella Cadena                                     Audrey Marshall

Ali- Emmalee Diaz                                          Danielle Hoyer

Lisa- Alex Sanchez                                         Genevieve Abrego


Sam Colin Montgomery                                 Rob Wade

Bill Rob Wade                                                Colin Montgomery

Harry William Marshall                                   William Marshall


Donna Clarissa Martinez                                Terra Wade

Tanya Joanle Patonl                                       Brittany Banister

Rosie JoLee McKaskle                                    Melissa Pontiff


Father Alex- Glenn Pontiff                            Glenn Pontiff     

CHORUS for Cast A and B

(Pepper, Eddie, Tanya, Rosie, Ali, and Lisa actors will perform in all shows either as their parts

or chorus)

Angela Martinez                             Mary Hudgins

Miranda Martinez                          Dasha Pontiff

Sabien Escareno                             Glenn Pontiff

Ana Sofia Tejeda                            Ciara Salas

Robin Anne Palmer                        Vicki Fowler

Alissa Hobby                                  Stephanie Zapata

Arely Flores                                    Andrea Sanchez

Rosa Reyna                                     Liana Escareno

Madelyn Houchin                           Nayeli Olivo

Christopher Wofford                       Danielle Scheller

Anthony Leyva                                                 











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