Things My Mother Taught Me

Auditions for this heartwarming comedy will take place on Sunday, September 8th, at 2pm  and Monday, September 9th at 7pm. Auditions will take place at the Firehouse, 120 E. Garfield. Enter through the side door and go upstairs.

The Setting:

The entirety of the action is set within a two-bedroom apartment in a newly gentrifying neighborhood in Chicago.


The play centers around Olivia Keegan and Gabe Lawson, a couple in their late twenties who are moving in together after relocating from New York to Chicago. 

The Characters:

3 or 4 Males, and 3 or 4 Females (1 can be either male or female)

Olivia Keegan: Late twenties and full of energy. An only child. She has been dating Gabe since college which has driven a wedge between her and her mother. An only child. She and her mother were close and open as she was growing up, a distance has now grown between them as a result of Olivia entering into a serious, long term relationship with her first serious boyfriend. During the play, she is emotional but remains upbeat and adaptable and has a tendency towards obsessive organization.

Gabe Lawson: Late twenties and possibly from Connecticut. An only child. He has childlike enthusiasm and a tendency to do things big, sometimes without fully thinking them through. He has an active imagination and a quick sense of humor.

Lydia Lawson: Gabe's Mother. A retired psychologist 50-60ish who is always thinking of what’s best for her only child. Good-natured, with a mother-knows-best attitude that sometimes comes across as overbearing. Her fervent drive to help and guide her son, also means she has some trouble with boundaries and has an overwhelming desire to "help." She has a strong relationship with her husband that is full of humor and honesty.

Wyatt Lawson: Gabe's Father. Is good-natured 50-60 who loves his son, marriage, golf, and beer—not always in that order. He will extricate himself from emotionally fraught situations, but he will involve himself when necessary. He has a can-do attitude but, he doesn’t always think things through.

Karen Keegan: Olivia's Mother. A lawyer 50-60 with a pronounced type-A personality. Always impeccably dressed and has no sense of humor. She is open-minded on the grounds that she used to ride a motorcycle and loves listening to pop music.

Carter Keegan: Olivia's Father. 50-60 and perpetually has an iPhone in his hand. He often tries to break the tension between his wife and daughter but will also remove himself from situations when things get overly tense.

Max Mirowski: The Building Super who appears somewhat unhelpful but it becomes clear that he has a quirky sense of humor and a heart of gold. He is fluent in Polish and English but frequently states that he does not understand English when he does not wish to acknowledge certain aspects of a conversation. His catchphrase is “Uh-oh.” By the end of the play, he is practically a member of the extended family. **This role can be either male or female.












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