The Upstagers 2018


Annie- a musical -  August 3, 4, 5, 10 and 11

This Family-friendly Tony Award winner is based on the popular comic strip "Little Orphan Annie". Annie is taken from her orphanage, and the clutches of evil Miss Hannigan to stay at billionaire Oliver Warbuck's mansion for the Christmas holidays. When she wins the hearts of Warbucks and his staff, they set out on an epic mission to find Annie's parents. Meanwhile, Miss Hannigan, in partnership with her brother Rooster and his girlfriend Lily, attempts to make some money out of this situation. The stories become intertwined as the loveable Annie hits the national spotlight. Scott Fooshe and Annie Marshall along with Musical director Rob Wade will collaborate to bring this show to the stage. *Note; we have added a Sunday matinee on August 5th.


Baggage- a Romantic Comedy-  November 9, 10, 16 and 17

Two un-centered single people, Phyllis and Bradley, both trying to heal from their respective disappointing relationships, get their luggage mixed up at the airport. Bradley comes to Phyllis' apartment to make the exchange. Their first encounter is much like a bad first date as they discover each is carrying the own heavy load of baggage. Unaccountably, they decide to try dating anyway. Their ensuing courtship goes through some interesting and hilarious phases. Through the course of the next few weeks, with some help from a friend and a mental health professional, they both make some unexpected discoveries about the nature of love and loss. Kellie Jackson will direct.


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